MondayApril 2, 2018

Daily Devotional

Simple Truth

By: Pastor Ed Young

Posted: April 2, 2018

From Series: Easter 2018

In Topics: All, Christianity , Faith, Jesus



John 19:30, “It is finished.”


Have you ever noticed how some of the most powerful phrases you can hear are simple, three-word phrases?

“I love you.”
“I was wrong.”
“Please forgive me.”

They all communicate deep truths, but with simple language.

In today’s verse, Jesus does the same thing. In these three, simple words (“It is finished”) Jesus declared the most powerful truth ever spoken—that God’s plan for the salvation of the world had been completed. But rather than using deep theological vocabulary or complicated language, he spoke in the common language of the day. It’s just another reminder of who our Savior is!

The simplicity of our Savior is astounding. He isn’t just concerned with culture’s upper crust. He doesn’t just extend his love to the economically privileged. His grace isn’t reserved for the societal elite. Rather, Jesus is the Savior who wants to connect with all of us, no matter who we are.

As we continue to study Jesus’ final words this week, remember that what he did, he did for you! Take heart in knowing that you are loved by the one true Savior of the world, no matter who you are or where you are from!


It’s popular these days to simplify our lives. As you simplify and reprioritize, remember to keep God at the top. Spending time with him is the best place to start! Commit to reading this devotional or your Bible every day and praying for 5-10 minutes.


God, thank you for the work you did through Jesus so that I can have a relationship with you. Thank you for loving me enough to send a Savior I can connect with. Help me to trust that the work that he did is enough to secure my relationship with you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.