TuesdayFebruary 14, 2017

Daily Devotional

Valentine’s Day Victory

By: Pastor Ed Young

Posted: February 14, 2017

From Series: 2Gether

In Topics: All, Commitment, Emotions, Family, Joy, Love, Passion


Song of Solomon 1:2,4 “May he kiss me with kisses of his mouth… Draw me after you and let us run together…”
Song of Solomon 5:10, 16 “My beloved is dazzling and ruddy, outstanding among ten thousand… and he is wholly desirable.”


If you’re single, take note of what’s to come, as this devotional is speaking specifically to married couples. It’s Valentine’s Day, the one day of the year specifically devoted to love and romance—the two key ingredients to a successful marriage. Obviously, love is the binding factor. To clarify, romance is a feeling and love is an action. So, great marriages, rooted in Christ, seek to fan the flames of romance on a consistent basis. And guys, remember, what it took to get her is what it takes to keep her! Romance is a great fuel, but a horrible foundation. Ladies need a sense of security. And ladies, remember guys need to feel respected. Therefore, if romance is the fuel, love is the engine, the driving force. Commitment is love in action. Regardless of the season, nothing should divide what God provides.

The takeaway from today’s scripture is this: “Draw me after you and let us run together, wholly desirable”. This means the Bible is the greatest encourager of marital sex! How great is that? With this in mind, here are 5 keys to ignite Romance:
1) STUDY your spouse. Know their likes and dislikes. Know what matters to them. Know their style, favorite foods, annoyances, and turn-ons.
2) SERVE your spouse. Inconvenience yourself on their behalf. We serve everyone else and forget to serve within the home. Make this a marital priority!
3) LAUGH—a lot! Keep joy alive and have fun! Not only is laughter great for breaking tension, it’s also a great way to end a fight.
4) PLAN special moments. Put energy and time into something your spouse doesn’t see coming. Put some guesswork into the romance. Don’t skip date night. Guys, remember date night is mate night!
5) SPEAK into their life. We all have enough negativity within our own thought life. Encourage one another. Celebrate one another. Use words that complete one another versus compete or deplete. Realize, no one can say it better than you can.
Work these things into your marriage and set yourselves on fire, it’s worth it!


Thank God for the capacity to love passionately and for romance within the covenant of marriage. And singles, pray for what’s to come. Continue asking God to prepare you for who He is preparing for you.


Tonight, if you’re married, date your mate. If you’re unmarried and on a date, be responsible with your body. And if you’re single, romance God and go have some fun with your friends!