WednesdayMarch 4, 2015

Daily Devotional

Keep on running

By: Pastor Ed Young

Posted: March 4, 2015

From Series: FC 25

In Topics: All, Encouragement, Faith, Life, Purpose, Trust



“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1


A Marathon is a grueling race that tests the physical and mental limits of every participant. It is well known that around the 20-22 mile marker, runners experience something known as “the wall.” It is at this point that the body can begin to break down physically. Legs lock up, muscles cramp, and every fiber seems to scream, “Quit running!” It’s also at this point that the race becomes a mental exercise. Runners must push themselves beyond the wall and rely on their training and preparation to help them continue.

Life is like a marathon. Often, there are points when we hit a “wall” and want to quit. Maybe you are facing a wall relationally. Maybe that wall is something you are facing at work. Perhaps you are at the end, emotionally speaking, and you just want to quit. Don’t! God has something great for you on the other side of the wall. Rely on His strength. Trust in His plan. Don’t quit… keep on running!


Admit to God if you have hit “the wall.” Ask Him to help guide you through as you face the difficulties in life.


It’s okay to say you want to quit if you know you aren’t going to quit. Rely on today’s Scripture verse to help you in those difficult times. Break through those breaking points, and discover the blessing on the other side of the wall!